The Flying Beavers is an independent game company based in Montreal. 

We make games with a message, something that will linger after the game experience. Social issues and ecology are among our favorite subjects.

We make games that stand-out by their unique gameplay, story or point of view.

We make games accessible for everyone to enjoy and love to layer our narration at different levels of interpretation.

We make games fast, cheap and with high quality standards (Pick two).


Jalil Laalami Ouali
Producer & Technical Designer

Team lead and technical designer, Jalil has always been intrigued by the powerful emotions games and interactive experiences trigger in us.

Trained as a programmer and a game designer, Jalil worked as a creative technologist and assistant-producer in France, Spain, Morocco and Canada.

After a successful time working on AAA titles with large teams, Jalil decided to go back to smaller scopes as a way to create original and emotionally charged experiences, interactivity with a message…

His dive into the Indie world proved to be the right choice so far: with the mental agility to easily jump from Visual Studio to Jira and a contagious talent for doing more with less, he never had so much fun at work!

Empathy is central to his open and agile problem-solving style but it has a broader meaning: convinced humanist and ecologist, he has faith in gaming as a tool to improve and adapt our society to the challenges to come

Klayton Cheuk
Unity Programmer

Klayton single-handedly developed the prototype that played a crucial role in securing our funding on Distraction Machine. From gameplay programming to sound engineering and animation, Klayton showcases an impressive range of skills. Notably, his expertise lies in evaluating technical risks, monitoring and addressing technical debt, and effectively communicating complex technical issues in a simple and accessible manner.
Klayton's versatility and ability to deliver outstanding results make him an invaluable member of any team, we are lucky to have him!

Gerardo Ramirez
Illustrator & graphic designer

Sometimes a random exchange on a reddit post plant the seed for a great collaboration. Gerardo dual skillset in illustrations and graphic design is crucial to our capacity to quickly prototype the secret project we are working on.