How we did NOT name the Evil Ducks' company 2018-07-25

"Persuade, compromise, vote" is the gist of how I like to brainstorm (also I talk a lot ;). Since we started working on "Fast And Beaver", it only failed us once: when we tried to name our villains' organisation.

We wanted a name easy to pronounce in English and in French. It had to be innocent enough to remain kid friendly with a pun or a sous-entendre that (at least) some adult would find funny.

After the first brainstorm, no suggestions could gather more than one vote. We moved on to another subject and tried again a week later with better success: after ~20min, we had 3 decent candidates and I knew we would soon pick one to close the subject and move on to more 'important' matters.

Our process, designed to help us refine ideas, was forcing out of us a weak compromise, not something that we would truly love about the game. The names were good but not great and I we all knew it.

So, we turned the table: what if the evil ducks were new partners in crime and not a musty syndicate? What if they could not agree on a name?

It started as a joke, then someone bounced of it, we brought back the concept arts and background story for each of the main villains and changed our storyline on the spot. Cherry on the cake: years later, you guys get to pitch in!

Yup, we decided that it would be fun to ask internet to help us with the actual naming of this company… how could that go wrong?

What would be the best name for our villains' new crime syndicate? 

DNOil, Excon or something else?

Evil Ducks meeting

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PS: Darwinism in game development is definitively a thing: 2 of the 3 candidates evolved in something better and an angry platypus ate the last one.